Chopper also seems to have an almost experience of Zoro, who Helicopter near idol worships as the he could be “thus cool”

Chopper also seems to have an almost experience of Zoro, who Helicopter near idol worships as the he could be “thus cool”

Roronoa Zoro

Like he does with Luffy and you can Usopp, he’s got a very close relationships. In the A lot of time Ring Enough time Belongings Arc, Helicopter is actually split up throughout the team because of the Straw Limits dropping an event, and you will will get distraught. Zoro yells in the your to avoid whining, to be a great pirate are their choice, and thus nowadays, nobody commonly value their rips. This improves Chopper’s eliminate once the a great pirate, and then he gets way less very likely to sobbing and you may worrying, even with their guy-such as for example nature. Zoro taught Helicopter one no matter if all of the crewmate enjoys s, they nonetheless adhere along with her because the a staff and generally are healthier it means. One of his favourite activities to do is to drive toward Zoro’s arms when they’re traveling and regularly works in order to him as he is scared. Zoro together with looks way more defensive from Chopper than other people. It’s viewed one to Zoro is just one to store him as he comically falls to your any kind off drinking water of trying to flee Nami’s wild moodiness (while Sanji have stored Luffy appear to compared), even if Helicopter still will get furious which have Zoro of course, if he will be taking off bandages from wounds he sustained out-of matches or is trying to show before his injuries features fully healed. Yet not, the guy do annoy Zoro when Chopper clings in order to his face in order to stop shedding towards water eg how it happened within Liquid 7 throughout Aqua Laguna. Helicopter isn’t afraid to help you argue or wrestle the fresh swordsman and you can hates it whenever Zoro reveals a lack of look after absent crewmembers.

Following timeskip, Helicopter is far more voluntarily to beat Zoro upwards when it comes to dumb decision making yet still highly areas his knowledge due to the fact shown when he had been awestruck from the their greatly enhanced electricity in the strive facing Surume.

Nami is quite fond of Helicopter, which is the initial of your own team to determine him because a health care professional. She areas his education in medicine and you can cares having their defense as much as her very own. On top of that, Chopper respects the lady capacity to navigate; though the guy tends to be scared of her fanatical fascination with money and you can unlawful nature on the “idiots” of one’s crew to such an extent that he runs or leaves up their Protect Point within these mood swings. Both share a relationship that is similar to a mature sister’s and you may a more youthful brother’s. Nami tend to kiss to Chopper’s fur to possess love into the cool items otherwise when she actually is frightened. Nami and you may Helicopter are very protective of each almost every other, such as when Franky very first ideal killing Chopper to finish his rampage in the Beast Function Nami threatened so you can eliminate your in the event the he did so (although several performed make a much better plan to rescue Helicopter). Even so Nami performed hold Helicopter right up once the an excellent shield away from a charging you Zoro just who Nami thought Zoro was going so you’re able to assault the lady towards the Punk Possibility, while in truth, Zoro was seeking to include him or her regarding Monet. Nami and Chopper in addition to fused during the depression more Sanji’s hop out inside Zou and was indeed the first one to volunteer to visit save yourself him which have Luffy.  

Whenever Absalom was stalking Nami, Helicopter went out of his means to fix protect her. Nami in addition to comforted Chopper when he is troubled over Hogback’s betrayal. Because of his purity and you can not enough demand for peoples people, Nami allows Chopper (even after him becoming a masculine) see their naked regarding bath plus attracts your to register her.


Initial, Usopp try terrified during the attention out of Chopper however, just after the guy learns you to Helicopter are Luffy’s pal, the guy snacks your top especially when aforementioned meets new staff. On account of their naive character, Chopper was a great fateful listener to Usopp’s lays, many of which he most believes, at the very least for a short time. 1st connection that have Usopp among the weakened people in the fresh crew, Usopp told your one “you must usually nevertheless manage your skill into the crew”. This consists of never ever powering out in a few factors, especially when the new dreams of friends and family are not being taken seriously. He has got pulled this advice significantly to heart since that time. Actually, he felt 1st recognition just like the a beneficial pirate as he felt like never to work at away from Skypiea Priest Gedatsu, and finally defeated him. Whenever Usopp remaining brand new staff, Helicopter is one of the most impacted crewmembers, and you can after Luffy beat Usopp on the duel towards the Heading Merry, Chopper wished to go cure their wounds immediately but was required to getting artificially dropped by Sanji, just who bought your not to stomp on Usopp’s satisfaction because of the recuperation him shortly after their defeat (as he currently had received mercy of the Luffy). Chopper nonetheless provided some medication to possess Usopp to utilize but kept your getting. Helicopter missed Usopp dearly even with Zoro telling him aside from their label more and you can fell totally having Usopp’s “Sogeking” disguise, actually asking him to have an autograph. Shortly after Enies Lobby, when Usopp apologized and you can rejoined new crew, Helicopter bust into happy rips regarding pleasure as the his pal returned. Helicopter, Usopp and Nami have been really terrified within the Thriller Bark, but Chopper are ready to fight off zombies to store Usopp and you will they both united to safeguard Nami regarding Absalom and you can Lola.


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